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To help you get the most out of your evaluation of our technology, we’ve provided free training assets that demonstrate high-quality rigging, tracking, and video capture techniques. These are available for download from our website at the following URL:

Faceware Training Assets


Using Faceware Training Assets

Facial Rig Library

We have numerous facial rigs available for download to try out our software. Once you are on the Training Assets page, scroll down to the "Facial Rig Library" section and pick one of the rigs that you would like to download. Click on the picture to start the download process.

Performance Library

For your convenience, we also have a number of performances that we've already tracked and taken through the Analyzer side of the process so you can see how the tracking is done at the highest level with both head mounted and static cameras and to have performance files (.fwr) to try out in Retargeter right away.

Within each performance, you'll have access to several different downloads:

  • Download Tracking Files (Analyzer) - This is a .zip file that includes the Analyzer tracking job file (.fwt) and the accompanying project folder. To open these in Analyzer, download and extract the files to the same location, then open Analyzer and select the "Open" option. Select the .fwt file.

    The file is a job that has been completely tracked using Analyzer Pro. This is ideal for looking at both the number of training frames needed to accurately track a job and for the ideal placement of those frames.

  • Download Animation File (Retargeter) - This download is a single performance file (.fwr) for use in Retargeter. This file contains the tracking data from the job and can be loaded into Retargeter to create animation. We recommend using this file for training, as you can be confident that the tracking is perfect and you can start animating without worrying about the tracking data.

  • Download Video File (MOV) - The original video file that was used to create the job. Good to bring into Analyzer and track yourself, then compare your tracking to our tracking or parameterize it to create your own .fwr file for Retargeter.
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