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Thank you for downloading a trial of Faceware Live. This purpose of this this article is to direct to to the resources you need to get the two pieces of Faceware Live, Live Server and Live Client, up and running as quickly and easily as possible so that you can start streaming real-time facial animation.

Live Server

Live Server is a standalone piece of software that tracks facial video in real-time and streams the data out to a plugin to generate animation. The link below will get you up and running with Faceware Live Server:

Getting Started with Live Server


Live Client

Live Client is a plugin for Motionbuilder and Unity that captures the data streamed from Live Server and applies it to a 3d character in a scene. Please select one of the links below depending on which application you are using:

How to Use the Live Server Client for Motionbuilder

How to use the Faceware Live Client for Unity

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