Faceware License Troubleshooting

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With some system configurations, the Faceware licenses may not install properly.  This can be caused by system languages, conflicting software, etc.  In most cases it's simple to fix and requires only a couple of emails back and forth with Faceware Support.

Problems with License Activation

If you're having trouble activating a license on our License Activation webpage.  Please take a screenshot of the error and email it to 'support@facewaretech.com' and we will assist you with activating as soon as possible.  Along with the screenshot, please create a 'CmDust' report and include the 'CmDust-Results.log' file with your email.  The simple instructions for creating the CmDust report are below.

Sending a License Diagnostic to Faceware Support

In most cases to help debug why your license isn't working as it should, we'll require a CodeMeter Diagnostic Test.  This is very simple to create and is essential in order for us to help you quickly with your licensing issues.

To create a CodeMeter Diagnostic File using 'CmDust':

  1. Start Menu --> All Programs --> CodeMeter --> Tools --> CmDust
  2. A DOS box will appear for a few seconds, then the user folder will be open, and there will be a file named “CmDust-Result.log”.
  3. Send 'CmDust-Result.log' to Faceware Support (support@facewaretech.com)

Note: If this is your first email to Faceware Support regarding this issue, please be sure to include as much detail as possible.

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