How to Create a License Request File for 'LiveDriver'

Faceware Support -

The Image Metrics 'Live Driver SDK' requires a unique license that comes pre-installed on your Faceware Live USB dongle.  If Faceware Support has instructed you to update your license, please follow the the instructions below to request a license update.

Creating a License Request File for 'LiveDriver'

  1. Insert your Faceware Live USB license dongle.
  2. Open the CodeMeter Control Center.  In Windows, you can find CodeMeter Control Center in the Start Menu in the CodeMeter folder, or you can find it in your system tray or Notification Area.
  3. Select your Faceware Live dongle from the list and then click “License Update” in the lower right.
  4. The CodeMeter Field Activation Service (CmFAS Assistant) will start.  Select Next.
  5. Select the Create license request option and select the Next button.
  6. Select the Add license of a new producer option and select the Next button.
  7. When asked to enter the Firm Code, enter: 102321
  8. Type in the path to save your file, and select the Commit button.
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