Managing your Faceware License Server

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The CodeMeter Help file has very detailed information on the functionality included.  You have total control over your license server, who accesses it, logging, and everything you need to run your server successfully.  Listed below are some of the more common questions, but we recommend visiting the CodeMeter Help file for more detailed information. (In CodeMeter Control Center, 'Help -> Help'.)

Logging Server Access and Event History

To enable logging, select 'File -> Logging' in CodeMeter Control Center.  Logs are now visible in CodeMeter WebAdmin under the 'Diagnosis' tab.


Limiting Access to your License Server

To limit access to your License Server to only certain Clients, follow the instructions below.

1. In CodeMeter WebAdmin, open 'Configuration -> Access Control'.

2. Add the IP addresses of the clients you wish to Whitelist for your License Server.



Alternatively, you also have the option to create a whitelist or blacklist for the access of clients.  See the CodeMeter Help file and search "Access Control" for advanced instructions on how to do this.


Monitoring Client Usage

To monitor which clients are currently using licenses, in CodeMeter WebAdmin go to 'Server -> Cluster'.


Advanced CodeMeter Help

For advanced help with CodeMeter, please consult the 'Help' within CodeMeter.

To access CodeMeter help, select 'Help -> Help' in CodeMeter Control Center.

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