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  • Maya Specific - In some cases the Maya view-port will not update after 'Retargeting' even though there are actually keyframes on your controls. Saving and re-loading your scene or simply Retargeting again will update the viewport.
  • If you combine the same controllers in multiple Expressions, they can in some cases be driven past their limits in your 3D app.  If this is occurring (and is not something you want), try reducing the values of the controllers in one or both Expressions.
  • When posing your 'Eye Direction' Expressions, if you use a forward/back axis (e.g. 'Z') it can sometimes cause incorrect Eye results. The workaround is to pose your Eye Direction expressions only in the up/down, left/right axis (e.g. 'X' and 'Y') and keep your 'Z' (or equivalent) value the same for all 'Eye Directions'.
  • If you put your PC to sleep or in hibernation mode while using Retargeter you may sometimes get a message when you start up again that your Retargeter license is no longer available.  If this happens simply save your scene and re-open Maya, Max, etc. to keep working.



  • Analyzer will not install correctly if you do not have Administrative rights on your PC.  It must be installed to the C: drive in order for it function properly.
  • By default, Analyzer's playback is to play the video at the fastest speed it can.  You can adjust the playback speed in Analyzer by using the drop down menu in the lower right hand corner, underneath the playback controls. The numbers (1x, 2x, 1/2x) are relative to the speed that your computer can play the image sequence back while showing all of the frames. "Real Time" is playing at the video's framerate, but some frames may be skipped to play at the proper speed.  It is recommended to use 1/2x while tracking. This is the setting that allows the user to see all of the frames in motion, but at a speed where odd or incorrect frames are still easy to notice.
  • In some Jobs, AutoTrack may fail on the first few frames of the video.  It is recommended to copy and paste later correct results onto those frames and/or delete them to fix the results.
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