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Parameterization is the process through which tracking data in Analyzer is converted into a form that can be used to produce animation with Retargeter( a .fwr file). Parameterizing is the final step in the tracking process. During parameterization, you must have an active internet connection, though this is the only time that this is the case.


How to Parameterize a job

  1. Hit F12 or click the 'Parameterize' button in the upper right hand corner of the application.  This will open up the parameterization dialog box (displayed below).Parameterization.png
  2. Select a Neutral Frame for the given actor if you have one.  Neutral Frames are not necessary for parameterization, but can yield a significant positive effect on the resulting animation, particularly if you are using AutoSolve in Retargeter.  If you have exported a Neutral Frame from the current shot, it should already be selected.
  3. Choose to parameterize valid frames (denoted on the timeline by a light blue bar at the bottom) or manually enter a frame range or ranges.
  4. Hit "Ok."  The software will take a few moments to contact our server and parameterize your data.  The time will vary slightly depending on the number of valid frames, but should not take more than a few minutes.


Once parameterization is complete, Analyzer will have created a .fwr file in the same location as the .fwt file and project folder.  This .fwr is the performance file that will be loaded into Retargeter.

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