Why won't my username/password work?

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There are two points at which Analyzer checks your subscription username and password. The first is when you run Analyzer for the first time after installing. You will be asked for your credentials and once you input them and they are verified, you will not be asked again. You will need an active internet connection for the verification to happen.


The second time that verification occurs is during parameterization once a shot is done. During parameterization, the software briefly communicates with our servers to verify your subscription.  Again, an active internet connection is needed during this time.


Occasionally there are issues that can lead to the credentials being rejected.  Likely causes and solutions are discussed below.


If your username/password are being rejected:

1.) Make sure you are copying and pasting your credentials exactly as they were given to you.  Including extraneous spaces or omitting characters will cause verification to fail.

2.) Check to see if your firewall is allowing Analyzer to access the internet.  Additionally, if in an office environment, check with your information technology professional to make sure that Analyzer can access the internet through the office's firewall.

3.) Please ensure that the date and time are correct in Windows on your machine. Only the minutes need to be adjusted, the hours can remain appropriate for your specific time zone. If your machine is more than a couple minutes off of our server's time, you will not be able to validate Analyzer. The easiest way to ensure that the time is correct is to sync to internet time in Windows.

4.) Your internet connection may be timing out during the authentication process. 

5.) If these are tried and repeated attempts fail, contact support@facewaretech.com and we'll assist you.


If you've unsuccessfully tried the above and have successfully run Analyzer before (any version 2.0 or above) and your username/password are being rejected or you get an error during parameterization:

Analyzer stores your old credentials in a .config file and sometimes it is necessary to delete the config file to add new credentials.  If you are switching from a trial to a paid subscription, we highly recommend doing this to eliminate any variables when entering your new subscription credentials.


To delete your config file:

1.) In Windows, go to the Start menu and type %localappdata%,  Hit 'Enter.'

2.) Find the folder labeled Image_Metrics,_Inc. and open it.

3.) Select everything inside that folder and delete it.


After this, run Analyzer again.  You should be asked for your subscription credentials.  Enter them as normal and proceed on your merry way.

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