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About Faceware Subscriptions

Your Faceware subscription is a login and password that are used to validate your Analyzer license.  Your credentials are validated each time you 'Parameterize' in Analyzer.  You'll receive a set of credentials when you receive your trial of Analyzer as well as upon purchasing a license of Analyzer Lite and/or Pro.  You'll be asked to enter these credentials when you first run Analyzer.

Obtaining Your Faceware Subscription Credentials

You'll receive both your 'Trial' credentials as well as your full license credentials in an email from Faceware Tech.  Search for "Faceware Subscription" in your email to easily locate your credentials.

When to Use Your Faceware Subscription Credentials

Your Faceware subscription credentials are entered when you first run Analyzer.  You will not need to enter them again at any time unless there is a problem with your license.  If your Trial expires, your account credentials will no longer work.  Upon purchasing a full license of Analyzer Lite and/or Pro you'll receive a new set of credentials.  After receiving updated info, you can enter your full credentials in Analyzer by selecting "Manage Subscription" from the "File" menu. 

Forgot Your Username/Password?

If you've lost or forgotten your Faceware subscription credentials, we can retrieve or reset it for you.  Please email us at "" and let us know you need us to resend your information.  Please include the name and email address that was originally associated with your license.

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