How do I best capture an actor's performance?

Brian Genna -

There are two main methods. The first would be for an actor to stand or sit in front of a video camera on a tripod and act. That's it. This method is mostly used in an ADR / VO booth simultaneous with the recording of a project's dialog, ensuring prefect lip sync and emotion for the characters in your project. This method can also be used for “faceover”, in which an actor mimes the lines of previously recorded dialog. The second method is use of a Headcam. The Headcam is a miniature production quality camera and lights on a boom arm attached to a helmet. With the Headcam, an actor is free to roam around space, as the camera stays perfectly framed and focused on the face, whether the actor is looking around, or even running and jumping. This method is best suited to use on a mocap stage where simultaneous body and facial capture can add the extra sense of realism to your project. Due to the high quality animator reference, we see people using Headcams in an ADR / VO booth setting more and more. Lavalier microphones can be attached to the helmet or boom arms for dialog recording as well.

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