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Introduction to AutoSolve

AutoSolve is an automatically generated pass of animation that is applied to your character when you first open a shot in Retargeter.  When using Retargeter LITE, this is your sole way to create animation.  In Retargeter PRO, you'll add 'Poses' on top of the AutoSolve to improve the results significantly.

You have the option to turn off AutoSolve but the recommended workflow is to build Poses on top of the AutoSolve for the quickest and best results with Faceware.


AutoSolve Walkthrough

Step 1: Get an FWR File from Analyzer 2.0+

In order to use Retargeter and create animation, you'll need an FWR file that was created in Analyzer 2.0 or above.  (Parameterizing a shot in Analyzer 2.0 will create a .fwr performance file.)

*Note - Be sure to include a Neutral Frame when you 'Parameterize' in Analyzer for best results.


Step 2: Complete your Character Setup

Before you can create animation in Retargeter, you'll need to setup your character.  Learn how to do that here: Character Setup Walkthrough


Step 3: Open a Performance and Retarget

  1. Open Retargeter and navigate to “Performance -> Open…”.
  2. Select the appropriate files and enable the “Generate AutoSolve” checkbox on the bottom right. Clicking ‘OK’ will open your performance and create AutoSolve animation on each of your Pose Groups.


*Note - You can also create animation once the shot is open by clicking 'Retarget' for each Pose Group.


Animating Further when using AutoSolve (PRO only)

AutoSolve will only get you part of the way there, it's meant to be something like a "blocking pass".  For high-quality results, you'll need to use Retargeter PRO and build on top of the AutoSolve using "Poses".

When you add a Pose, it'se layered into the AutoSolve to adjust and fix shapes that are incorrect or need to be pushed further. Each time you 'Retarget', your Poses and AutoSolve result are combined into the final result you see on your character.


In your Pose Group list, you’ll see a column on the far right with a checkbox named “AutoSolve.” If this is checked on, each time you Retarget you will be combining your Poses with the AutoSolve results. If this is checked off, no AutoSolve results will be generated and the next time you Retarget, only your Poses will be used to create animation. You can find more information about creating poses here: Retargeter Pro Workflow


Improving your AutoSolve Result

If you’re looking to improve the quality of the AutoSolve animation result before adding Poses, there are several ways to do this:

  • The first thing is to take a look at it is your tracking data in Analyzer.  Do your best to make sure the tracking is accurate and free of jitter.
  • Within Analyzer you should a Neutral Frame to your AutoSolve data when you parameterize. This gives the solve more information about the current actor and can help to get more accurate results in Retargeter.
  • Adjusting your Expression Set is an easy way to change the way some of your shapes look in the AutoSolve animation. All facial rigs and characters are different so you’ll need to experiment a little to find the optimum facial expressions for use with AutoSolve. 
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