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Supported Software

Currently the software supports the Windows versions of Autodesk Maya®, Autodesk 3DS Max®, Autodesk Softimage®, and Autodesk Motionbuilder® 2012 and later.

System Requirements

Faceware Retargeter is a plug-in into a 3D application, therefore it maintains the same system requirements as the host application.  Only the Windows versions of each application are supported.

For system requirements for supported applications, please use the links below.


Step 1: Installing Matlab Compiler Runtime

Retargeter requires the Matlab runtime environment (MCR).  You'll need to install this before you can install Retargeter.  You can download it here:

Step 2: Installing Retargeter

To install Retargeter, simply run the installer you downloaded from our website and complete the installation.

If this is your first time installing Analyzer or Retargeter, during the installation you will be required to also install the Codemeter Runtime.  Codemeter is a requirement of our licensing software and will run in the background of your machine.


Loading the Plug-in


In Maya, Retargeter is loaded through the Plug-in Manager. Once the software is installed you will see the plug-in titled "ImRetargetMaya.mll" in Maya's plug-in list. To load the plug-in, find it in the list and click on the check box to the right of it's name marked, "Load". If you wish to have the plug-in load automatically when Maya starts, optionally you can click the second box marked, "Auto Load".

3DS Max

The Retargeter is loaded in 3DS Max through the Utility Panel. By clicking the "More..." button, you can select 'FACEWARE' from the list of plug-ins.


Loading Retargeter in MoBu is slightly different than the other apps as it's loaded as a "Device" and needs to be opened externally.

To launch Retargeter from MotionBuilder:

  1. Open the 'Devices' menu in the 'Asset Browser'
  2. Click and drag 'Faceware Retargeter' ('IM Retargeting' in older versions) into your viewport
  3. In your Retargeter installation directory for MotionBuilder, you'll find "FacewareRetargeter_GUI.exe" - Run this file and it will be connected to MotionBuilder


In Softimage, you can open Retargeter through the 'Faceware' menu.

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