Preproduction Checklist

Brian Genna -

Headcams or static camera?

  1. Headcams

    • To be used when actors need freedom of movement in an VO/ADR session

    • For use on a mocap stage

    • Vastly superior footage for tracking and retargeting

  2. Static camera (HD camera on a Tripod)

    • Used primarily in a VO/ADR capture scenario when an actor will not or cannot wear a Headcam

If headcams, will wireless be used?

  1. Benefits

    • Complete freedom of movement for the actor, no tethered cable

  2. Detriments

    • Limited to 4 simultaneous actors (HD) or 16 (legacy SD)

How is the video being recorded?

  1. Digital Disk Recorder?

    • AJA Ki Pro / Mini

    • Blackmagic Hyperdeck Pro

    • Odyssey 7Q

    • Video Devices Pix line

    • Atomos Samurai Blade, Shogun, or Ronin

    • Raptor DDR

  2. PC record

    • Blackmagic Ultrastudio or Decklink Devices

    • Avid Mojo (w/ Pro Tools only) (SD only)

    • Softron MovieRecorder Pro

    • Final Cut or Avid injest

What method is being used to sync the audio to the video?

  1. Timecode

    • Imbedded (LTC in)

    • Visual burn-in

    • Recorded as audio track (AUX TC)

    • Physical display behind actor

  2. Audio Reference

    • Scratch audio mixdown to video recorder

    • Audio Slates (Audibly calling shot names)

    • Clapper Slates (can be markered for optical mocap)

    • Tones/Beeps

Has the recording procedure / order of operations been worked out?

  1. Controlling the decks

    • Using a PC interface

    • Using custom scripted control commands

    • Manually controlling the decks

  2. Roll Order

    • Generally audio first, then face, then mocap (if applicable)

    • Order would only deviate if TC generation source were not sound. TC generation source always goes first

  3. QC

    • Generally deck operator QCs facial footage as it is laid down

    • Can be sent to other monitors for director and producers live review as well

Who is taking the video from the set?

  1. Producer

  2. FTI

  3. Recording Studio

Who is syncing up the video to the selected audio?

  1. Producer

  2. FTI

  3. Recording Studio

Have video standards for capture and delivery be specified and locked?

  1. Native Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD preferred

  2. Any FFMPEG compatible codec can be delivered native (i.e. h.264)

  3. If needing render, Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD

How is the video being delivered to production?

  1. Cut to Single Lines

  2. Cut to Entire scene length with cues when to track

  3. Uncut / Raw

    • Choices (in/out points) delivered in

      • Video NLE Project file. (Final Cut, Avid, Premiere) Better than:

      • EDL. Better than:

      • Excel sheet

Has each step of the pipeline been vetted for inefficiencies?

  1. Can batch processing or scripting be used to help?

  2. Any part that feels like it has too many steps usually does

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