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Checklist for Video Based Facial Performance Capture in a VO/ADR booth for Feature Films

  1. Locate ADR facility with Pro Tools HD
    • Allow for tech day, at least half a day for prep
  2. Choose video recording medium
    • DDR (AJA Ki Pro or like)
      • Can log and capture as we go
      • Multiple decks can be gang controlled via browser based GUI
      • Requires operator
    • Tape (digibeta or like)
      • More traditional recording method
      • At certain facilities, machine control can automate video recording process
  3. What kind of cameras for capture?
    • Headcam
    • HD Witness camera(s)
    • Combination of Headcam and witness camera(s)
  4. Will NTSC headcam be manageable?
    • Rectify 23.976 v 29.97 issue
      • Headcam v session
      • Headcam v witness cams
    • Possible R&D for light enough 23.976 camera
  5. At the stage, arrange patching and cabling for sending the following to video deck and all witness cams:
    • SDI video
    • Ref Audio
    • Timecode
    • Blackburst
    • CV or SDI out for monitoring
  6. Witness cams?
    • How many?
    • Feeding video streams to gang controlled decks will save the greatest time in post by eliminating the multicam syncing.
    • Recording in-cam will add significant time to editorial by requiring multicam assemblage
  7. Monitoring stations?
    • In the booth
    • In the control room
  8. For record, establish workflow
    • Line by line or scene by scene and naming conventions for each
    • RE: timecode - Houred Reels, Time of Day; picture lock vs wild,
    • If slaving to lock picture, create proper naming conventions for takes to differentiate duplicate timecodes
    • Contingencies for naming conventions and notations of wild lines at the end of takes
    • Establish playback protocols
  9. Establish post production workflow
    • What level of archiving is being done on set?
    • Is the footage going to production, the Lab or directly to editorial?
    • If applicable, automate the 30 to 24 fps conversion (apple’s compresser is an option)
    • Rectify naming conventions with logs that are good for Editorial
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