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Creating a New Job

To start a new job in Analyzer:

New Job dialog box
  1. Open Faceware Analyzer
  2. Click the New icon on the toolbar or select File>New
  3. This will open the “New Job” dialog box.
  4. In “Input Video File” (a), browse to the video file you want to track. You can also drag the file into the box manually.
  5. In “Job Details” (b), input the job name and desired location. By default, the job name will be the name of the video. The job location must be selected manually each time.
  6. For “Valid Frame Range” (c):
    a. Select “All” to make the entire video valid,
    b. Select “Automatic” to have Analyzer detect the valid frames based on a colored indicator in the corner of the video.
    c. Select “Manual” to input the valid frame ranges by hand, separated by a comma (200-400,600-800, etc)
  7. The “Image Extraction Options” (d) allow the user to rotate the video or add frame numbers to the video. 
  8. In "Retargeter Images," (e) you can change the resolution and quality of the image sequence used in the 3d application during retargeting.  For most users, Auto Resize should be fine.
    *Note - The image sequence that is tracked in Analyzer is always created at full resolution and quality for maximum tracking fidelity. The sliders only affect the images used by Retargeter.
  9. For "Autotrack options" (f), if you wish to Autotrack a shot, you may check the box to do so when the job is created.
  10. When everything is set, click “Create” and Analyzer will begin to create the appropriate files. The files created by Analyzer are:
    a. A .fwt file which contains a low-res image sequence for animating with, any audio associated with the video, and will ultimately contain the finished tracking data for use with Retargeter.
    b. A folder which contains an image sequence at the original resolution for use in tracking with Analyzer and a few other associated tracking files. The folder will share the job name and will be in the same location of the job. Both the .fwt and the associated folder are necessary to open and work on a shot in Analyzer.
  11. You are now ready to begin tracking your shot.
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